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The MIB Class (Motivate. Inspire. Build) is the personal and business development brand through which Yemi Motivates, Inspires and builds people. Through the MIB Class, Yemi encourages and challenges her audience around the world, to achieve their personal and professional goals. Over and over again, Yemi has demonstrated by her own examples, determination and hard work, that any goal can be achieved. This dynamic storyteller captures her audience with her conversational style of presentation and training, encouraging her audience to GET the MIB Factor, build their confidence and take the key to their own success. #theMIBclass.


Classes are delivered in city venues and online.


With her extensive training and experiene in broadcasting, public speaking / presentations and communication strategy, she facilitates high power workshops, seminars and conferences, and  delivers trainings on various topics including:

- Leadership

- Personal Development

- Image building / Branding

- Facing your fears

- Public speaking

- Time management

- Stress Management

- Team building

- The Art of Listening

- Entrepreneurship

- Choosing and buidling a career

- Mental health and wellness

- Making your passion and skills work for you

- Home management - Building the home, Raising the children.

The MIB Class with Yemi Adenuga 

on dMotivate TV

Yemi is constantly asked by many of her students and audiences to give tips for a better life. Aside from giving  tips on the spot, she has gone further, as an answer to these requests, she started The MIB Class with yemi Adenuga. This is the Motivational TV program through which Yemi  Motivates, Inpsires and Builds a wider audience on Africa Independent Televiion (AIT) International and her YouTube Channel (dMotive TV) broadcast and social media. On The MIB Class,  Yemi shares life lessons and inspires viewers to take charge  of their lives and pursue their passion strategically.


The MIB Class can be viewed on dMoTiVe TV channel on YouTube. Watch, like, comment, share and subcribe to the channel.  #theMIBclasswithyemiadenuga