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"A real woman of substance, Yemi Adenuga is a born leader and a powerhouse of  personal development / business knowledge. She is a woman to watch" ... Women in Leadership Business Journal (WIL), South Africa


"Yemi is delectable, well spoken, talented and versatile broadcaster who plied her trade as one of the pioneers in Ray Power 100FM and Africa Independent Television (AIT). She has left a vacuum in the Nigerian TV talk show that is yet to be filled." ... BOS International Magazine


"Her face and voice dominated the airwaves especially at the inception of Ogun state Broadcasting Corporation OGBC 2, Ray Power 100 FM and Africa Independent Television (AIT) in the early 90s. Prior to going abroad, the multifaceted Yemi was regarded as one of the best female Broadcasters in Nigeria, an acknowledgment of her personality and professionalism." ... Newswatch Newspaper, Nigeria


"I had the honour of listening to Yemi at the Women's Empowerment Summit. This woman is made out of love and light and I wish everyone could have heard her. It‘s not just about what she said, but more so about the change that happened within me when she was speaking. She changed how I look at myself, how I feel about myself. She taught me to have an attitude of gratitude and made me believe I have the power and courage it takes to change the world. I gained self-confidence, strength to believe in myself and the will-power to change my life and empower others. She impacted me hugely and left me with an impression that would last a lifetime. I hope everyone has the chance to hear her talk someday and witness how amazing she is in person".... Vera Klauke - Russian competitive boxer and powerlifter


"I experienced Yemi Adenuga giving a live presentation for the 1st time on 12th May 2018.... Yemi's message resonated with my core being. As she concluded, I realised her power to communicate with language and tone, and giving of her self is so refreshing, authentic and inspiring. I will hear this lady speak again because I have set the intention to... thats her gift.. inspiration and intentionality.... Seek her out... the world needs people like Yemi Adenuga"...

Dr. Martina Finnerty PHD, CEO - discover your powerful Mind, Ireland


"By nature, she is demure but you will soon discover her. Her vast knowledge of the industry will bring her to your notice. I find Yemi an eloquent broadcaster with superior voice-control (particularly in news casting,) a methodical producer, accommodating and easy to work with. She quickly settled me into the team when I joined the Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC II) in 1992." ... Christopher Marquis, CEO, UNLEASHTHE80s, United Kingdom


"Full of energy and brilliant ideas, this audacious woman brings such positive aura into a room when she walks in. Yemi  is known for her high energy as a trainer and motivator, delivering  strong messages in a conversational style. Her enthusiasm is contagious." ... Bridget Schmidt, Chairperson, Building Women Leaders, North Carolina, USA 


"Yemi is a dedicated and committed goal-getter. She is a consummate achiever who keeps her eyes on the goal always. In Nigerian broadcsating landscape, Yemi has earned her status as a role model for aspiring broadcasters." ... Olusesan Ekisola, Broadcast Media Executive, African Oulook, Minnesota, USA


"It is difficult to meet Oluwayemi Adenuga, Nee Solaru, and not notice the boundless energy and effervescent creativity that resides in her. When we met and became friends over 20 years ago, I was struck by her uncommon passion for her job and career. Yemi, or 'Iyalode' as I liked to call her, impressed me with her attention to detail. She did thorough research on every guest that appeared on her talk show, Sharing with Yemi, and delivered a must watch program. Yemi has put so much into her multi-talented life as a media personality, television producer/director, project manager, Human Resource practitioner, motivational speaker, script writer, and anchor on radio, and so on. Her versatility is humbling. It is difficult to find many of her in many places. She’s a prodigiously gifted lady who has never allowed the challenges of family life to affect her tall dreams. She continues to oil her vision and walk the talk. I’m proud to know Yemi and her family. She has been my friend, sister, colleague and big supporter. I love to bounce ideas off her because of her sharp insight and genuineness of purpose. She does the same with me. My confidence in her abilities is solid." ... Bashorun Dele Momodu, Publisher, OVATION International


"Yemi is known to me for a number of years now.  I have dealt with her whilst she took on the role of advocate on matters relating to her community not only in Navan but also the wider community outside County Meath. She is lady of integrity, commitment and above all a pleasure to deal with and work with on issues raised.  She is a lady that has no problem focussing on the matter in hand.  Her organisational skills are second to none. The growth in popularity of The Nigerian Carnival Ireland is testimony enough to Yemi.  The promotion of cultural integration and celebration of cultural diversity during the carnival weekend has enhanced a positive perception of our new friends and citizens.  Both she and her husband Deji make a great team. Yemi is a gentle lady and she has a very calming demeanour.  This only enhances confidence when you approach any issues or matters raised by her or indeed any festivals or carnivals to be managed by her." 

... Minister Damien English TD (Meath West Constituency), Irish Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development, Former Chairperson Joint Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation, Ireland


"Yemi, is a lady who's presence sets a room alight, and immediately you felt a friend for life had entered your world. Yemi and I have had many reasons to work together on many projects, which I played a small role in bringing them to fruition. Yemi's leadership qualities are uniquely her own. She is a people person. Yemi has in her own way given strengths to many women, women who needed to be empowered, women who felt isolated in Ireland, women who were afraid to stand up and be counted. I have witnessed how Yemi is a cherished member of her own community, Yemi is in one sense a key sent from the Lord,  that key has brought many graces to our community. I thank God for Yemi's  friendship. My life and my community is all the richer for her presence therein." ... Councillor Anthon McCabe, Former Lord Mayor of Navan, County Meath, Ireland


"I would like to commend Yemi Adenuga for her natural ability to inspire and empower women with her charm and incredible charismatic personality, she has the amazing ability to engage with large audiences and ignite the best in everyone"...    Karina Murray, Co.founder of AUNUA team and Radio presenter for Together FM, Ireland.


"Succinctly put, the programmes Yemi presented on RayPower 100FM where very popular, innovatively presented and commercially rewarding to the organisation as she was able to draw both the audience and advertisers, a most synergetic relationship. Upon the debut of Africa Independent Television (AIT); the first global satellite television station in Nigeria, she doubled both on Radio and Television, a most remarkable contribution based on her versatility, creativity, resourcefulness and depth of knowledge in any assignment she was saddled with. On AIT, she hosted – ‘Sharing with Yemi’; an award winning audience participatory TV talk show, which was one of the best talk shows on Television when it was on air based on its popularity and audience  research survey. She was an asset to the organization as a Presenter, Newscaster, Producer, and Manager - Television Production Services."... HIGH CHIEF RAYMOND ALEOGHO DOKPESI, PhD, DSc, OFR, FCIT, FCITA Founder/Chairman (DAAR Communications Plc.)


"Yemi's work with Cultúr - a migrant integration project in County Meath, is as a member of the Board of Management.  A reliable member of the organisation, Yemi always shows great commitment to the project and works actively as a team member to achieve the goals and aspirations we have for the elimination of racism and inequality in Ireland. Her participation has been of great value and she is a role model for other new members of Irish communities who are considering getting involved. She has imagination and energy that encourages me to keep working on the project." ... Berny McMahon, Lecturer, Department of Applied Social Studies, National University of Ireland, Maynooth & Cultúr BOM member, Ireland


"Yemi is known to me on a personal and professional level. She is a very dynamic and vivacious person who gives one hundred per cent to all her endeavours. She is highly organised and has no difficulty being involved in a number of projects simultaneously. She brings a wealth of experience to each new initiative and has a wide network of contacts. Yemi’s outgoing personality embrace all who meet her. It is always a pleasure being in her company" ... Mary Walsh, Former Chairperson, Board of Management, Cultúr Migrant Centre, County Meath, Ireland


"Yemi Adenuga is a very professional, intelligent, hardworking and diligent woman who wears many caps. As a relationship counsellor, she has a great strength in the area of practical approach to issues, with which she helps couples to rediscover themselves and enjoy marital bliss again even when some of them had thought there was no hope for their marriage. She is a seasoned media personality with outstanding diction and beautiful tone suitable for voice over and a distinguished master of ceremony with distinction. She was the first female voice on private radio broadcast in Nigeria with many awards to her credit in the broadcasting experience spanning over twenty years. She’s a goal getter, a visionary leader who leads by example and does not see sex as a barrier in the way of achievement. Yemi is a dignified woman of substance, very compassionate and a very considerate woman of high integrity who does not compromise standard."... Deji Adenuga, Nollywwod A-List Actor & Group Managing Director, (GMD), D-Dymensions Communications Ltd. Ireland


"Yemi is a dear friend I have known from childhood. She has always been very intelligent, strong, hardworking, astute and highly motivated. She is a goal getter who never accepts what life pushes her way and is always looking for ways to better herself and the people around her. Professionally, Yemi is a very sharp, smart, inspired and highly successful woman. She is a very dependable, approachable, caring and loving friend who once flew from Dublin to England to see me, just because I was very upset and sad, this I will never forget. She has been married for over 20 years and her marriage still waxes strong as ever despite having a full time career and children. She is a friend i am indeed proud to have." ... Dr. Olubunmi Akinnowonu, Neonatal Doctor, NHS, United Kingdom


"How does one begin to decribe a woman like Yemi Adenuga! Is it Yemi the fox or the Energy in Motion? Well, she is simply a very pleasant, amiable and hard working goal getter. A professional to the core who will never compromise standards. My first encounter with her was at Raypower 100FM in Lagos, 1995. I saw a humble, hard working young lady, whose husband and young daughter were waiting for till late into the night because she wanted to clear her table. Then i told myself, this is one hard working girl. Yemi loves God and serves him with all her heart. she is a true friend indeed, someone you can trust and depend on to always stand by her friends no matter the situation. Yemi is one of the Ruths of our time. She loves her hubby sooooooooo much and of course her family. You can be rest assured she will always speak the truth at all times because of her fear of God. She is a vey good woman and I love her dearly. That is my Yemi Adenuga." ... Cheif (Dr) Mrs Tosin Dokpesi, Managing Director, Africa Independent Television (AIT)


"Energy in Motion"- These three words pretty much sum up the lady that is Yemi Adenuga. I have known Yemi since we were about 10 years old and our friendship has spanned over three decades, two continents, two husbands and seven children! She has always been fastidious, dedicated, super energetic and gives her all. And girl, can she keep a secret secret! I should know, as she has managed to surprise me by appearing out of the blue not once, not twice but thrice! She is a great multi-tasker! From maintaining great relationships with her friends, colleagues, spouse, kids and inlaws, to co -coordinating all the hundred and one other things she has to do. All these she does effortlessly with eye shadow firmly in place. She has such a big heart and is always willing to share. Yemi comes from a big family and does not need new sisters or brothers, but she somehow has added I and many others to her family. She is a fantastic mother, the best rib Her Husband Deji has and a great friend. There are really very few folks like her around. I am not at all surprised at the heights she has attained today. I want to believe that she ends each day saying “I gave it my all today but tomorrow I will still add a bit more all”. I know she still has more surprises in store for me and I hope I get to pull one over her too. I look forward to many more years of friendship and sisterhood ahead." ... Belinda Okereke, Lecturer, PhD Candidate, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, Ghana


"Yemi is a strong willed, powerful and beautiful speaker.  I fell in love with her energy and her confidence. I admired her so much when I heard her life story and how that, just because she is a woman, she was stereotyped and made to feel that she could and would not achieve anything, that she was created for only one thing.  To see this wonderful woman achieve incredible things and be an amazingly positive role model for the people that she surrounds herself with is truly inspiring. From hearing Yemi speak, I came away with a much stronger and unquestionable belief, that whatever situation you are born into you can defy all and any stereotypes you find yourself labeled with, and can become anything that you want to become. Lastly, she talks about the importance and the power of 'thank you', to always be thankful for everything. I am so happy to have met Yemi. She is a woman that I would love to see again, and who I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to listen to" ... Tracey Ellen Maria - Public Speaker, Life Coach, Travel Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author of Recommended: Motivation Limitation, Ireland


"Yemi is a very hardworking individual who strives to achieve the highest standards in whatever she undertakes. She establised the African Women Devopment Initiative and together with other women is bringing the project to new levels. Yemi is a fantastic team player, full of energy, achieving results and meeting deadlines with the least available resources. It's been a great privilege working with and knowing Yemi." ... Honourable Benedicta Attoh, Vice Chairman, Etsako East Local Govt. Council,  Edo State, Nigeria


"One of Ireland's women of Influence, Yemi is the Founder of African Women Development Initiative (AWDI). She sits on the Board of Management of Cultur Migrant Centre, Co. Meath as two-time Chairman and is also on the Board of Management of Hope Centre, a shelter for the needy in Co. Meath. She has served as the Chairperson of the steering committee of M.I.M.E project (Migrants Integrating in Meath Equally) and was Vice-President of Meath Intercultural Network (MIN). Yemi is Listed as Irish Tatler 2015 Woman of Influence".... Irish Tatler Women of Influence 2015 Directory


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