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African Women Development Initiative (AWDI) is a not for profit support and development oriented community group, founded in 2004 to serve as a network body for migrant women in Ireland and a support for women in difficult situations.


Yemi's passion to pay it forward is recognized in the humanitarian and philanthropic initiatives she lends herself to though AWDI.


AWDI’s mission is to build and strengthen relationships, entrench family values, empower, support and strengthen migrant woman for a confident and sufficient living while advocating, impacting and influencing women’s rights to effectively promote integration, cultural identity, equality and justice for the migrant woman wherever she is resident. The group advocates, supports and promotes the integration and cultural identity of migrant women within their community while empowering them to express and improve themselves in areas where they need help.


It's Vision is to see a society where women’s and girls rights are enjoyed to build self confident women who believe in themselves enough to identify, tap into and use their God given talent regardless of distractions to ensure integration, equal opportunity and better living in all spheres of life.


The second phase of our 'Empowering more Women Entrepreneurs' Project kicks off late 2017. Join the initiative.


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SHEROES is a not for profit Women's Leadership-building, Mentorship, Empowerment and recognition brand.


Through this empowerment and development brand, Yemi inspires, motivates, encourages and challenges women around the world to achieve their dreams. Over and over again, Yemi has demonstrated by her own examples, determination and hard work, that any goal can be achieved. This dynamic storyteller captures her audience with her conversational style of presentation and training, encouraging her audience to build their confidence and take the key to their own success.


This brand recognise and celebrate the successes of women while helping them reach their highest potentials.


The aim of SHEROES is to mentor, empower, recognise and celebrate women and young girls while helping them discover, define and celebrate themselves, be celebrated, be encouraged to be supportive of one another and be discourage from putting other women down.



  • To identify women who inspire, influence & impact and recognise /          

         celebrate them through the SHEROES Awards.

  • To source mentors and support the Mentorship of aspiring women by professionals and experts in their chosen field through the SHEROES Mentorship programme.

  • To identify / create / make accessible, opportunities for women to grown and rise in their chosen career after mentorship throught the  

        SHEROES Empowerment programme.  

  • To train, build and support women into leadership positions through the SHEROES Leadership Academy.

  • To encourage women take time to appreciate and pamper themselves through the SHEROES Girls Timeout.

  • To promote everything that impacts a woman positively (Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Sisterhood, Health, Relationship, Motherhood, Education, Technology, Business) through the SHEROES Magazine.

  • To identify and showcase the work and activities of outstanding women who use their talent and resources to inspire, influence and impact the lives of others through the SHEROES TV series.

  • To give ears to the interests of women and create a forum where women can be free to express themselves divorced of fear, stress and oppression through the SHEROES Summits/Conferences.


Our 'Selfmade Sanitary Towels' training for gilrs project, kicks of late 2017. Be part of the progress.


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