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Ddymensions Productions is the Film/TV/Radio Production subsidiary of D-Dymensions Communications. Formerly known as Royal Priesthood Productions, the Company was first incorporated in Nigeria in 1993 as a TV/Film production concern, with acting and production support services provided for Radio, TV and Nollywood (the Nigerian movie Industry). It boasts of a successful background in the closely related fields of Broadcast Journalism, Entertainment, Radio/TV/Movie


We specialise in the development, production and directing of high-quality Television and Radio entertaining/informative/educative programmes. We produce all our own content and partner with corporate, cultural, broadcast and commercial clients at different locations all over the world to bring ideas to live. Our experience and expertise allows us to produce content across all genres from feature film, to television drama, reality show, talk show and documentaries. We are the producers of: CONVOTIME, THE MIB CLASS WITH YEMI ADENUGA, SHARING WITH YEMI, MARRIAGE O'CLOCK and VARIOUS DOCUMENTARIES.

Yemi is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of D-Dymensions Communications. AT D-Dymensiosn Communicatrions, we offer a wide range of creative, strategic, high-quality and effective services, designed to meet the needs of clientele with excellent and satisfactory deliverables.


At Dymensions Communications, our goal is simple: Know the needs of clients and develop strategic interventions to meet them.


Reasons to Choose D-Dymensions Communications.

- Strategic Visioning and Planning

- Project Management Consultancy

- Events Packaging and Management

- Public/Business/Non-profit Partnership

- Media & Public Relations Consultancy

- Meetings/Trainings/Retreat Facilitation

- Bespoke training and development programs

- Organizational Strengthening and Development

- Marriage Mentoring and Relationship Consultancy

- Strategic Human Resource Training & Development

- Stage/TV/Radio/Film/ Drama Production & Training

- Script writing and Public Speaking & Presentation Training

- Development Training for individuals, groups & corporate Executives

- Leadership Development & Training and Organizational Management

The Subsidiaries...

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PITD provides high-quality training and development programmes for individuals, groups, corporate executives and organisations from different parts of the globe. The heart of our knowledge impartation is our ability to offer contemporary and relevant training programs, tailored to meet our client’s specific requirement, using the latest learning technologies, facilities, and methods to match our client’s experience, availability, career and corporate objectives with their ultimate goal.


We invest our time and expertise in ensuring the learning, development and education of our clients. We develop and deliver a comprehensive portfolio of training programs to help individuals, managers, business executives and organisations in private and public sectors achieve their career and corporate goals through contemporary teaching, guidance, and motivation. We specialize in Personal/Leadership development and training, organizational management and global business strategies consultancy. Our highly qualified and experienced tutors are experts in their subject areas. Their dedication to our students and commitment to delivering quality training has made PITD outstanding over the years.


We partner with reputable institutions of higher learning and professional bodies to deliver satisfactory results based on our clients’ training requirement. Through research and planning, controlled and monitored execution, we provide expert education and career adverse, and facilitate international study opportunities for foreign students who wish to come and study in Ireland through our partnership with carefully selected reputable professional institutes and institutions of higher learning.


The choice of PITD by International students as a preferred centre of learning is informed by several beneficial factors which include our bespoke, well organized mentoring, coaching, and capacity building training programs , our consistency in delivering clients’ satisfaction, the high quality of the Irish education system and the opportunity of studying in an English speaking country.  Visit:

Ddymensions productions

This is the Publishing Subsidiary of D-Dymensions Communications. EnergyNMotion Publishing is an independent publisher publishing magazines and books. Its interests as a publisher are not limited to specific subject areas. Its assessment of a publication’s worth is based on the quality of the writing, how well it engages the interest of the reader, and whether it has new, interesting or original material. We are the publishers of: THE POWER OF THANK YOU...By Yemi Adenuga, Exploring Options...By Yemi Adenuga and NCI Annual Magazine.

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DY Relationship Clinic (DYRC)

DY Relationship Clinic is a holistic relationship Mentorship consultancy which provides vital support for both married and singles. The Clinic offers mentorship to help with issues uch as choosing a marriage partner, keeping passion alive in marriage, learning the language of love etc. It also organises and facilitates seminars, workshops and retreats on relationships. It also partners with experienced and passionate relationship experts on various events. Its runs a weekly live program called Marriage O'Clock every Sunday at 4pm (Irish Time) on its Facebook page.


DY Relationship Clinic’s facebook-group page is a platform for members to share and celebrate the successes in their relationships to encourage and uplift other members at difficult times.  


The Clinic is run by Movie and Broadcast celebrities, Deji and Yemi Adenuga, who have been married for over 25 years, sharing their wealth of marriage experience with clients to support relationships.



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Ddymensions Projects is the Project and Event Management subsidiary of D-Dymensions Communications Ltd. We have vast experience in project and event management, ranging from defining and planning the project/event, to executing and delivering all deliverables. We organize and promote public and corporate events, international seminars and conferences as well as festivals and carnivals, working with sponsors to ensure the most effective communications for their brands and utilizing various media to promote the events.



The outputs we deliver through our project management expertise include:

•Defining a project’s Goals, specification, tasks and responsibilities.

•Strategic Planning of the project’s schedules, budgets, resources, risks and staffing.

•Executing the project’s status reports, changes, quality and forecasts.

•Design and management of marketing and promotional campaigns.

•Development and maintenance of online tools: websites and social media profiles.

•Delivering the project to the trained clients, transferring reports, releasing resources and ensuring review.



Ddymensions Projects is highly experienced at planning, promoting and delivering mainstream successful events. We are particular about venue preparation and provide our clients with top-quality venues through our excellent existing relationships with many venues throughout Ireland.


Our event management services include:

•Venue selection

•Ensuring design and building of stage

•Health and safety planning and compliance.

•Development event format and programme.

•Recruiting event production crew and volunteers.

•Securing equipment, speakers, personalities and entertainers.

•Securing Insurance, licensing and liaising with all relevant authorities.

•Procurement audiovisual and catering services, cleaning, security, medical, etc.).

•Digital media services: audiovisual and still camera recording of event, web broadcasting

•Production of follow-up event reports.


We are the proud organisers of NIGERIAN CARNIVAL IRELAND (NCI),  the first of its kind celebration of Nigeria and Nigerians in the Republic of Ireland, bringing Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria together in the largest such gathering. NCI is the biggest and most popular mainstream Nigerian outdoor event in Ireland.

Ddymensions Projects

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