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NIGERIAN CARNIVAL IRELAND (NCI) is the first of its kind celebration of Nigeria and Nigerians in the Republic of Ireland, bringing Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria together in the largest such gathering. It is the biggest and most popular mainstream Nigerian outdoor event in Ireland. NCI aims to promote integration, celebrate cultural diversity and heritage, inform and educate people about the diverse cultures of Nigeria while re-orientating their perception of Nigeria to defeat negative stereotypes. NCI provides opportunities for organisations to showcase their services.


Visit: www.nigeriancarnivalireland.net

Executive Carnival Director -

Nigerian Carnival Ireland (NCI)

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Chairperson - Migrant Women Leaders Council (MWLC)

MWLC is unifying organisation that serves as the united voice of Migrant Women groups in Ireland, developing and supporting groups with integration at the centre. The Objectives of MWLC inlcude:

(a) To preserve the name and promote the image of MIGRANT WOMEN LEADERS COUNCIL IRELAND (MWLCI).

(b) To embark on activities and ventures that will enhance the progress of women, members of MWLCI and MWLCI as an association.

(c) Celebrate cultural diversity while promoting the richness and beauty of diverse member’s cultures through integration.

(d) To encourage and strengthen friendship and harmony between MWLCI as a group and the community within which it operates through social interactions.

(e) To carry on such other activities as are incidental to the attainment of these objectives.

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Board Member (And Former Two-term Board Chair) -

Cultúr Migrant Centre

Cultúr is a community organisation that works with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees promoting equal rights and opportunities to develop an intercultural County Meath. Cultúr's Strategic plan involves: the use of a community work approach to identify, engage with and support the empowerment of migrants within County, Ireland. It uses its Policy Work to influence policy development facilitating the participation of migrants, addressing their needs and interests. Its Information Work is used to create awareness of rights and entitlements in order to empower migrants to exercise their rights equally while Its Organisational Development plan is to continue to develop Cultúr as an organisation which has structures and policies that are inclusive of migrants and is accountable in its management and corporate responsibilities.


Visit: www.cultur.ie

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CEO - African Women development initiative (AWDI)

AWDI is a development oriented community group, founded in 2004 to serve as a network body for migrant women in Ireland. AWDI’s mission is to build and strengthen relationships, entrench family values, empower, support and strengthen migrant woman for a confident and sufficient living while advocating, impacting and influencing women’s rights to effectively promote integration, cultural identity, equality and justice for the migrant woman wherever she is resident. The group advocates, supports and promotes the integration and cultural identity of migrant women within their community while empowering them to express and improve themselves in areas where they need help.


It's Vision is to see a society where women’s rights are enjoyed to build self confident women who believe in themselves enough to identify, tap into and use their God given talent regardless of distractions to ensure integration, equal opportunity and better living in all spheres of life


Visit: www.africanwomendev.com


National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) is the leading national women’s membership organisation seeking equality between women and men, founded in 1973.


It represents its membership which includes 160 member groups as well as a wide range of individual members from a diversity of backgrounds, sectors and locations.


Its mission is to lead and to be a catalyst for change in the achievement of equality between women and men. It articulate the views and experiences of its members and make sure their voices are heard wherever decisions are made which affect the lives of women.


Its vision is of an Ireland, and of a world, where there is full equality between women and men.


Visit: www.nwci.ie

Former Director/Board Member -

National Women's Council of Ireland (NWCI)

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