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Yemi's story of that of determination, courage and perseverance.


She was born to Late Pa Isaac Olujimi Solaru and Deaconess Christiana  Solaru in Iperu-Remo, Ogun State of Nigeria and she grew up in the Garden city of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, where  she went to primary and part of her secondary school, before her father retired and returned to Ogun State.


She was raised in a polygamous family. Her father had 7 wives and 27 children. She is number 16. Her mother (Christiana), was the last of the 7 wives. Christiana has 6 biological daughters, 4 step daughters, but no son, a thing that was considered a 'big deal' back then. She raised 10 girls.


Just because Christiana had no boy, her husband's family told her to her face that her 10 girls would never equal 1 boy, that they would amount to nothing, and be nobodies who will all end up on the streets of Lagos as prostitutes. Yemi was only 13 years old when she heard those words.


Those words became the motivation for Yemi's determination to be somebody. After hearing her mother crying late into the night that day, Yemi wiped her mum's tears and made her a promise;

                   "None of your girls will end up on any street as prostitutes. We will work

                        hard and be successful, so much so that those uncles and aunties will

                        wish their sons were girls. We will make you so proud that those sons

                        of theirs will wish they were your daughters."


Yemi's mother went without, and sold the cloths off her back to send her girls to school so they could be somebodies. Today, the rest is history.

Against all odds, Yemi turned the words of her father's  family around and made a success of her life.


With nothing but a dream to be somebody, a determination to discover her purpose and an openness to embrace possibilities, Yemi built valuable life skills, learnt to recognise, take and use oppportunities well and is now paying it forward through her people-buiding programs that touch lives across the globe.


Whether you watch Yemi on her talk show 'Sharing With Yemi', hear her on a radio interview or see her speak to a large audience on a live stage, you will quickly realize that Yemi's true passion is to BUILD PEOPLE through positive re-orientation, confidence building and personal development. yemi believes that:


             “NOBODY has the right to tell ANYBODY they cannot be SOMEBODY

               and ANYBODY who is determined to be SOMEBODY can be”


Through her people-development training programs, Yemi helps people Find themselves, define themselves, build their self confidence and take action on their dream to create results.



To a grown woman who has become SOMEBODY,

building a network of confident women and youth, globally

Yemi 17B

Today, Yemi has risen through adversities and challenges, breaking barriers, and making history along the way:







To a global leader, breaking barriers, making history.

From a little girl, from a large family, who was told she will be NOBODY.

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To a wife, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother

Yemi is very family oriented.

She believes that family is everything and can be a measure of achievement.

In her very busy roles as a leader, business woman, people builder and public representative, Yemi still makes time for family, prioritizing the teaching of family values to her children, raising them with morals and building their self-esteem to be confident in who they are.


Yemi's family vaues are CRID-L:

  • Consistency

  • Respect for self and others

  • Integity

  • Do unto others as you'll have them do unto you

  • Love for God, family and real friends.


Yemi is blessed with an amazingly supportive husband who is her best friend, 2 beautiful daughters who personify true sisterhood, 2 lovely sons who are building a bond of friendship, a hardworking son-in-law who is as enterprising as  the word itself and a gorgeous grandson who lights up Yemi's house everytime he comes to visit.

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