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About the Book

One of the purposes of this book is to encourage the reader to develop an attitude of gratitude using the power of Thank you. There is something beautiful about the power of thank you and that is its ability to transcend the power paradox quite simply by shifting focus from you to the interests, needs, expectations and dignity of the people around you. This paves the way for the expression of gratitude, possibly the most important foundation of enduring power. When you say a genuine thank you in any way you choose to, it creates a strong connection and makes way for greater influence.



About the Author:

Yemi Adenuga, often referred to as "Energy in Motion" is a seasoned broadcaster of over two decades. The feisty Business woman is a serial Entrepreneur who wears different caps at various times, an alluring quality of this audacious role model. The witty Yemi is a dynamic & highly sought-after International/motivational speaker, an author, a broadcast media executive, Project Management Consultant, Relationship/Marriage Mentor, versatile scriptwriter, Presenter/Producer/Director for both Radio and Television and a personal development trainer. Yemi is listed as an Irish Woman of Influence in the 2015 Irish Women of Influence Directory published by the Irish Tatler Magazine. Yemi holds a Diploma in Business Studies (Human Resource Management Stream) and a Bachelors of Business Studies (BBS Honours, Entrepreneurship Stream) both from University College Dublin-(UCD). She obtained her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree (Project Management stream) from the Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom and is a graduate of University College Dublin Innovation Academy with a Post-grad. in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise. Yemi is a member of several professional bodies including the Institute of leadership and Management, Ireland, the MBA Association of Ireland and Project Management Association, Ireland. She is also an associate of the Irish Institute of training and development.



by Bernadette Mcmahon  

Lecturer - National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland

Local Action Co-ordinator - GAP Work Against Gender Related Violence

Project coordinator - Cultur Migrant Women's Project coordinator



The POWER of THANK YOU – by Yemi Adenuga


First I want to say something about the fact that Yemi wrote this book. I don’t know if you ever thought about writing a book, but I have and I found the idea really scarey: To publicly expose oneself to criticism and so on. So I think this is a very brave thing to do.  To do anything in public you need self-confidence and this means we need to be proud of what we have been given, who we are and what we do. Not proud, in the sense that I think my achievements are all due to my own effort but proud that I have opportunities and gifts. Real pride that is, not false self-praise. Putting pride alongside gratitude makes pride the sister of humility.  Not its’ opposite.

This book shows that real Pride is born from humility and does not come before a fall, it comes before heroism.  And that is powerful. This book then is a power gift from a brave and generous Shero.


I want to talk about:

-  What the book is

-  Who the book is for

-  What the book does

-  What you can do with teh book




It is a short, simply written book. It is easy to read. There are no long obscure words, no complicated sentences that are hard to follow.

There are thoughts, memories and reflections; Challenges, tips and strategies and Finally, there are Thank you’s to those of you who have given to Yemi!.

Some of the things in the book you know already eg. It is good manners to say thank you. Some things you will not know already, eg. Gratitude can help to reduce stress and worries, and can also help one think more clearly under pressure! However, this book takes you further, so what you already know takes on a new meaning!




There is something here for all of us:

-   For teenagers; Eg. Saying thank you is not only sensible, but it even makes you more attractive and gives a good impression.

-   For adults and Business people; Eg. The story she tells about posting on face book, a thank you to her Boss, and how his wife wrote back a moving response. And  

   how people leave jobs because they feel unappreciated….  “Gratitude motivates people and when they feel appreciated, they do more for you and  their team.

-   For oul’ retired ones like me; Yemi writes powerfully about how thanking and being grateful to those we know and live with, leads to realising how wonderful our

   lives actually are, so we feel happier and more delighted with them and them with us. That’s a real gift!

-   For deep thinkers and practical people; Eg. that gratitude is “the most important foundation of enduring power” and ‘it is God’s will for us; and because it changes

   people’s motivation and power and it changes the world”

-  This book has tips for practical people and the tips are great; Eg.  And “Instead of saying sorry, (for being late?) say thank you” – for waiting. While it is good to tell

   someone how what they did benefitted you, don’t make the thank you about you.




-  It teaches and challenges; it makes us reflect. Yemi even says half way through (p 20) - “Are you thinking about it now as you read?” Yes you are!

-  The book teaches: How to grow an “Attitude of Gratitude”. Making thank you conscious, a choice, an act of gratitude is what she calls the ‘power’ thank you.

-  You know when you read it that if someone said thank you like that it would indeed be powerful and change how you feel not only about your good fortune but also

   about the person who did it and even yourself. Very useful indeed! and so simple.

-  The tips slowly become a strategy to change your life. Eg. Making a gratitude journal! Definitely trying that.  




-  The Challenge is (and I love this), to BE a thermostat, not a thermometer. A thermostat controls the positive temperature / environment. A Thermometer only

   measures and records the temperature but doesn’t do anything about it!  = let your gratitude light shine!

-  The stories apply to all of us, so you automatically start thinking about how they reflect your own situation


I recommend that you buy it, read it over and over, and try it.  I think it really could change the world!

To close, I would like to return to where I started and appreciate Yemi.  

For your wise words, it is already making a difference in my relationships, AND for powerfully modeling bravery and generosity by writing it all down:


Thank you Yemi.

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