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Are you a student in secondary school who struggles with deciding on a career, needs mentorship and needs effective career guidance from an early age?


Are you a parent who is worried for your child’s subject choices and future, and who relies a lot on school career guidance counsellors, but can’t help your child decide on subjects and career path?


Are you a Matured Adult who is stuck in dead-end jobs, had no help with picking a career earlier in life, feels you picked a wrong career and desires to rediscover yourself & explore new opportunities?

Then EXPLORING OPTIONS is for you.


Our mission at EXPLORING OPTIONS is to help students and matured adults turn their passion into a viable, sustainable and profitable  career. This we achieve  through the provision of a bespoke mentorship and support guide that enables you uncover your inbuilt passion, skills and talents to consciously and passionately develop those talents for a clear vision of a prospective future.

Our Vision 


At EXPLORING OPTIONS our Vision is seeing secondary school students get the much needed help early in life to choose a career that would sustain their future, where parents have peace of mind about their children’s chosen career for the future and matured adults who need a change of career get a second chance to do so properly.

Our Services 


Our services include but are not limited to:


-  Group Mentorship

-  Job Interview training

-  One-on-one mentoring

-  Educational certification

-  Skills acquisition training

-  Skills development training

-  Career guidance counselling

-  Passion discovery workshops

-  Work experience opportunities

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How our services are provided


We provide our services through:


-  Seminars

-  Conferences

-  School open days

-  Focus group meetings

-  Social Media Platforms

-  In classrooms trainings

-  Group facilitated Workshops

-  Clubs and associations meetings

-  One-on-one mentoring meetings etc

-  Parents information/support meetings

How we deliver our services


We deliver our services through:


-  Bi-Annually Career Guidance talks:

  (in secondary schools, colleges and  



-  Quarterly workshops  

   (in Skills discovery and acquisition,  

 Skills development, Passion discovery)


-  Regular Mentorship

  (One-on-one  and group mentoring)


-  Career guidance counselling

   (For youths and adults)


-  Work experience

   (with leading partner companies)

CONTACT US: To avail of our services and find out more about exploring your options: email us at [email protected]

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A best selling book that has positively impacted thousands of lives.


7500 copes of this book have been given FREE to young people in Africa.

-  We catch them young.

-  We monitor our clients‘ progress to a logical conclusion.

-  We work with, not against schools’ career guidance counsellors.  

-  We help them discover their passion to have a clear career vision.

-  We work closely with adults who seek a new career path, to help them

   discover and use their passion to achieve their career vision.


EXPLORING OPTIONS is a Career mentorship and support service designed for all students to help them discover and use their passion to determine and build a career.


EXPLORING OPTIONS provides a rediscovery/redirection support service for matured adults who wish to change their career to one in which they are happier and have better job satisfaction.

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                        Over the past few years of working with

                young people in Europe, Africa and America, I have

           discovered and learnt alot from talking to them about the

       many issues that bother them. One of these is; The challenge

  they face with choosing a career. Taking all i have learnt from my   work with youths into consideration, I have written this book, EXPLORING OPTIONS, to address some of these issues and to serve as a learning tool for young  people all over the world.


My GOAL is to distribute 10,000 copies of this book FREE to young people in Africa by December 2019. So far, 2500 copies of the book have been given FREE to students in Africa. I am seeking your kind support in making this goal achieveable. kindly sponsor copies of this book to help us give them FREE to students in AFRICA.  

                                      Support the

                            EXPLORING OPTIONS


We will like to thank all our wonderful friends who have generously supported the EXPLORING OPTIONS PROJECT. God bless you and replenish you a thousand folds


EXPLORING OPTIONS school project

The EXPLORING OPTIONS School project was started in 2014 to with the AIM of creating valuable opportunities for young people to engage in creative thinking, become innovative and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set early in life.  


This project has been enhanced through the use of the book "Exploring Options... A guide to making career choices".


The goal of the project is simple:

-  To deliver CAREER Talks to secondary school students in Africa annually FREE OF CHARGE

-  To distribute 10,000 copies of the project book FREE to secondary school students in African by December 2019.  

   (So far, 2500 copies of the book have been given FREE to young people in Africa).

-  To identify, recognise and support students who have the potentials to become entrepreneaurs early in life.