Yemi Adenuga




1.   Best Radio Presenter of the Year

     (University of Ife, Nigeria)  -  1992


2.   Outstanding Radio Presenter of the year

     (Ogun State University, Nigeria)   - 1992


3.   Best Female Radio Presenter

     (University of Ilorin, Nigeria)  -  1993              


4.   Radio's Most Outstanding presenter of the year                      

     (Ogun State University)  -  1994


5.   Radio Presenter of the year                                                    

     (Ray Power 100FM)  -  1995


6.   Chairman's Outstanding Broadcaster Award                          

     (DAAR communications Plc)  -  1995


7.   Airwaves Jewel of the Niger      

     (Ace Club of Nigeria)  -  1995


8.   Award of Excellence in Broadcasting          

     (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria)  -  1995      


9.   Airwaves Jewel of the Niger              

     (Ace Club of Nigeria)  -  1996


10.  Outstanding female Radio Presenter of the Year    

      (Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Nigeria)  -  1996


11.  Best Televisiom documentary Production for 'Africa-what hope for tomorrow'      

      (Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Nigeria)  -  1996


12.  TV Programme of the year 'sharing with Yemi'  

      (Ogun State University, Nigeria)  -  1996                                                              


13.  Best Nigerian Talk show 'Sharing with Yemi'  

      (Women in Leadership Organisation, Nigeria)  -  1997


14.  Best TV presenter of the year (Sharing with Yemi)      

      (Women in Leadership Organisation, Nigeria)  -  1998


15.  TV Programme of the year (Sharing with Yemi)  

      (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria)  -  1999


16.  Best TV Talk show (Sharing with Yemi)  

      (Ogun State University, Nigeria)  -  2000


17.  One of the 100 Most Influential African people in Ireland  

      (Powerlist Magazine,  Ireland)  -  2011


18.  Award of Excellence for Selfless service to the Community  

      (African World Newspaper, Ireland)  -  2012


19.  One of the 100 Most Influential African people in Ireland

      (Powerlist magazine, Ireland)  -  2012


20.  Woman of substance Award for Good Leadership  

      (Crown Ventures, Ireland)  -  2013  


21. Pioneer on-Air Personality Broadcast Achievement Award

     (Ray Power 100 Fm - DAAR Communications Plc) - 2014


22. Recognition of Excellence Award for Contributions to the Arts and Culture  

     industry in Ireland

     (Ta'azor Lee Foundation, Ireland) - 2015



1.   Selected to represent Ogun State at the National Silver Jubilee Celebration

     of Nigeria in Gongola State  -  1985


2.   First Female presenter to go on air in the History of Private Radio      

     Broadcasting in Nigeria  -  1994


3.   Producer of the first programme to be aired in the History of Private

     Television Broadcasting in Nigeria  -  1996


4.   First Newscasters to cast the News using a Cyber set in the history of

     Television Broadcasting in Nigeria.


5.   First Nigerian Coordiantor of the KORA all African Music Awards, taking top

     Nigerian superstars like King Sunny Ade, Femi Kuti, Chichi of Africa and  

     Inferno to represent west Africa at the KORA Awards in South Africa.


6.  Selected to represent Nigeria at the USIA International participation  

    programme on Environmental protection Issues in United States of America

    - 1998.


7.   First Ireland MaryKay Cosmetics Queen (Court of Sharing)  -  2004


8.   Co. Founder of the biggest, annual Nigerian mainstream summer event in

     Ireland   -  Nigerian Carnival Ireland


9.   First African to serve as a Judge on RTÉ's annual PJ  O'Connor Radio Drama  

     Awards, Ireland  -  2008


10. Invited in 2010 to present excerpts from her RTÉ Radio commissioned and  

     produced play before the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, at the launch        

     of the report of The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) on its discussions  

     throughout Ireland amongst different cultures/backgrounds to document their  

     experiences in dealing with integration.


11. Recognised and appreciated for the positive role she has played and  

     continues to play in improving the quality of life and living environment of the

     people of Navan,by  the Mayor of Navan, Counsellor Joe Reilly and members  

     of the Navan Town Council at a Civic Reception in June 2010.


12. Invited to speak at many international conferences and Seminars on various

     humanitarian, social-economic and developmental issues.


13. Has advocated/made representations to TDs (Ministers) at Dáil Éireann,  

     House of the Oireachtas, (Irish National Parliament) on issues of integration,  

     social inclusion, racism and diversity.


14. Was on the PLA Research team that worked on the project to develop an Anti

     Racism / integration Strategy in County Meath, Ireland.


15. Listed in the 2015 Irish Women of influence Directory as one of Republic of

     Ireland's Women of Influcence.