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Yemi Adenuga, often referred to as "Energy in Motion" or "Self-Confidence maven", Builds People. The feisty Business woman is a powerhouse of ideas who wears different caps at various times, an alluring quality of this audacious Entrepreneur. Yemi is listed as one of Ireland's Most influencial women by the Irish Tatler Magazine, and is the only migrant woman so far listed. She is the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of D-Dymensions Communications, a holding company for 6 subsidiaries:












Want to find, build or boost your self esteem and confidence? Then look no further! Yemi is your GO-TO person. This positive Change Agent is a Self-Confidence Guru who helps people find their self-esteem and build their self-confidence. The belief and trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgement is lacking in many individuals, entrepreneurs, and even business executives, and it is a major hinderance to their business and personal growth. Through her well designed and result oriented courses and training programs in the TRANFORMATION ACADEMY, Yemi works with her clients to help them find and build their self-confidence so they can take charge of their lives, relationships and business.  




Make Yemi your strategist today and watch your life and business transform to a new level of growth. She is the strategist you need to help you maximize your business growth and personal development. With practical, high impact courses and ONE-on-ONE coaching packages delivered throught the TRANSFORMATION ACADEMY, you will be on your way to confidently getting your business off the ground and growing it.




The                         (Motivate. Inspire. Build): is the personal development brand through which Yemi Motivates, Inspires and builds her clients and audience. Through the MIB Classes, Yemi encourages and challenges her audience around the world, to achieve their personal and professional goals. Over and over again, Yemi has demonstrated by her own examples, determination and hard work, that any goal can be achieved. This dynamic storyteller captures her audience with her conversational style of presentation and training, encouraging her audience to GET the MIB Factor, build their confidence and take the key to their own success. #themibclasswithyemiadenuga


Yemi's passion is to Build people and help them reach their full potential in spite of all odds. She has trained, mentored and impacted  thousands of Youth and Women all over the world and continues to impact lives positively by using her expertise as a qualified trainer and highly experienced Personal & Business Development strategist to work with and transform lives and businesses globally.


Wtih vast experience, this highly sought-after Leadership expert and dynamic, high-impact global speaker travels the world to speak to large audience at conferences, summits and seminars.  Yemi is a Multi-Award winning TV personality with broadcaster experience spanning over two decades.  The witty Yemi is a 2 time best selling author, Relationship/Marriage Mentor, Project Manager, versatile scriptwriter, Presenter/Producer/Director for both Radio and TV.




Yemi is a game changer. A talented African business leader and role Model in Diaspora making positive impact. She is a woman with a passion and a vision to inspire, empower and impact women & youth through a positive orientation and empowerment, and she does these through her 3 signature brands: 

1.                               : This social Enterprise Inspires women to be more, Influences women to support one another to be more, and celebrates women who dare to be more. It builds entrepreneurship in women and celebrates ordinary women who do extraordinary things.

2                                                    : Yemi started this School project in 2014 with the AIM of creating valuable opportunities for young people to engage in creative thinking, become innovative and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set early in life. This project has been enhanced through the use of Yemi's 2nd book, "Exploring Options... A guide to making career choices". 

The goal of the project is simple:

-  Deliver CAREER Talks to secondary school students internationally FREE OF CHARGE.

-  Distribute copies of the project book FREE to secondary school students internationally.  

   (So far, 2500 copies of the book have been given FREE to young people internationally).

-  Identify, recognise and support students who have the potentials to become entrepreneaurs early in life. 

Yemi travels around Europe, Africa and America, giving FREE career talks to young people, creating awareness about the need for young people to begin to think early, about what they would like to do for a career, and helping them identify skills needed for  their future career.



Yemi is a two-time best selling author of 'The power of THANK YOU', a motivational book encouraging the building of an atittude of gratitude and 'Exploring Options... A guide to making career choices', a book which has become a training tool for helping secondary school students make career choices early in life. Yemi distributes this book FREE to secondary school students internationally and has so far distributed over 5000 copies of the book FREE.




Born to Late Pa Isaac Olujimi Solaru and Deaconess Christiana Solaru, Yemi grew up in the Garden city of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, where her father worked for Shell Nigeria Petroleum Development Company as a senior manager. She attended Army Children's School, GRA, and Government Secondary School Eneka, both in Port-Harcourt, River State, Nigeria, completing her secondary school education in Christ Apostolic Grammar School, Iperu-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria. Yemi studied Accountancy and Mass Communication at the Ogun State Polytechnic, (now Moshood Abiola Polytechnic) Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria and holds a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Studies (Business Law stream) and a Diploma in Accounting both from  Inchicore College of Further Education, Ireland. She also holds a Diploma in Business Studies (Human Resource Management Stream) and a Bachelors of Business Studies (BBS Honours, Entrepreneurship Stream) both from University College Dublin-(UCD). She obtained her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree (Project Management stream) from the Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom. She holds a Post-graduate certificate in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise from the University of Dublin (UCD) Innovation Academy.


Yemi has completed several training courses relevant to her many involvements and practices. A qualified and highly experienced training consultant and Marriage/Relationship Mentor, Yemi holds advance diplomas and certificates in; Computerised Accounts, Computerised Payroll, Train the Trainer, Training and Development (CMD Institute-Ireland), First Line Management from the Institute of Leadership and Management, Ireland, Counselling & Psychology (International Career Institute-Australia) and Relationship & Couples Counselling (Oxford College-UK). She also holds a Certificate in PLA Research from Kimmage Development Centre, Dublin, a Certificate in Radio Presentation from Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and a Diploma in Television Directing from the CEFAP institute of Television production and Directing, Paris, France.


Yemi is a member of several professional bodies including the Institute of leadership and Management, Ireland, the MBA Association of Ireland and Project Management Association, Ireland. She is also an associate of the Irish Institute of training and development.





Yemi started her career as an accounts & administrative manager with WASCO advertising, Kaduna, Nigeria in 1989 exiting the company as an advertising executive in 1991.




Her broadcast career took off in 1990 when she passed an audition to become a pioneer staff of the Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation's new FM Radio station, OGBC2 where she worked with ace broadcasters like Olusesan Ekisola, the Late Peter Okodua and Felix Femi Fashina. Yemi worked there as a Newscaster, scriptwriter, presenter and Radio producer and in 1991, became known on radio as 'The fox that Rocks the box'. She presented and produced several programmes including; On a personal note, FM mail bag, weekend special and Early bird. In 1994, she joined DAAR Communications PLC, Nigeria, to become a Pioneer member of Nigeria's first private radio station, Ray Power 100Fm and subsequently became Manager of Programmes. There she presented and produced programmes which included; Straight from the heart, bone of my bones, thank God its Friday, Sunny side up, The Ultimate morning show and Ray power express. She also produced several radio documentaries on developmental issues most of which were done in collaboration with UNICEF.



Yemi made her move into Television in 1996 to work for Africa Independent Television (AIT), Nigeria's first private Television station. Yemi goes down in history as the first female presenter to present a programme on the first private Radio station in Nigeria, Ray Power 100fm, and also the director/producer of the first programme to be aired on the first private television station in Nigeria, AIT. She hosted and produced Multi-Award winning TV talk show, 'Sharing with Yemi' which was Nigeria's leading talk show from 1996 – 2003. Aside from anchoring, producing and directing numerous TV programmes which included Good morning Africa, Today's Woman, and Sound  Afrique, Yemi researched, produced and directed several documentaries among which were; Africa, what hope for tomorrow (very first programme broadcast on AIT, Nigeria' first private TV station), Life after these (on girls in difficult situations in Nigeria), the Italian connection (on situations of Nigerian girls prostituting in Italy), If only i was a boy (on sexual and reproductive health of adolescent girls in Nigeria), we can speak for ourselves (for 1996 day of the African child on the state of the African child), the Legend lives on (on King Sunny Ade at 50), Healing with a smile (on the power of helping others), love for sale (on young undergraduates prostituting in higher institutions) and She had no choice (on girls with Vesicovaginal fistula-VVF, resulting from earlymarriage).


Yemi has written, presented and produced several programmes for RTÉ Radio and TV  including A Living Word with Aidan Mathews,  No handouts in Euorpe - for the Parlour Play series on RTÉ Radio Drama, Folk songs for DEN Tots dance show, The Worlds Apart with Rodey Rice and Spectrum. She also served as a judge on RTÉ's annual PJ O'Connor Radio Drama Awards. Yemi and her family (THE ADENUGAS) feature in the Hit reality TV series GOGGLEBOX IRELAND on TV3, Ireland.


Yemi relocated to Ireland in 2000 and worked with IBM international holdings, Ireland from 2003 to 2010, exiting the company as a cost accountant. She now runs her own Company, Ddymensions Communications, with her Nollywood A-List actor husband, Deji Adenuga.




Yemi is a talented African business leader and role Model in Diaspora making positive impact and change. She has a vision to empower women, and through her empowerment and development brand 'The MIB Class', she inspires, motivates, encourages and challenges women around the world to achieve their dreams. Over and over again, Yemi has demonstrated by her own examples, determination and hard work, that any goal can be achieved. This dynamic storyteller captures her audience with her conversational style of presentation and training, encouraging her audience to build their confidence and take the key to their own success.


Yemi's passion to pay it forward is recognized in the humanitarian and philanthropic initiatives she lends herself to. Yemi is the founder and President of SHEROES GLOBAL a Women development and support organisation which builds women & youth to become positive change agents through changing orientation, to build positive mind-set, recognizing their efforts, celebrating their successes, empowering them to build sustainable businesses in line with the UN sustainable development goal 2030, and encouraging them to be supportive of one another.  She is also the Founder and CEO of African Women Development Initiative (AWDI), the Chairperson of Migrant Women Leaders Council Ireland (MWLC) and is two-time Chairperson of the Board of Management of Cultúr Migrants Centre, Co. Meath, Ireland. She served as the Chairperson of the steering committee of the M.I.M.E project (Migrants Integrating in Meath Equally), Ireland, the Vice-President of the Meath Intercultural Network (MIN), Ireland and Project Manager for Cultúr Migrant Centre, Ireland. Yemi worked with a team of other PLA researchers to carry out a  thorough and very successful research project work which has led to the development of an Integration Strategy in County Meath, Ireland.


Yemi was invited in 2010 to present excerpts from her RTÉ Radio commissioned and produced play before the then President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, at the launch of the report of The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) on its discussions throughout Ireland amongst different cultures/backgrounds to document their experiences in dealing with integration. In recognition and appreciation of the positive role she has played and continues to play in improving the quality of life and living environment of the people of Navan, the Mayor of Navan, Counsellor Joe Reilly and members of the Navan Town Council held a Civic Reception in honour Yemi Adenuga in June 2010. Yemi has been invited to speak at many international conferences and Seminars on various issues and has made presentations to TDs (Ministers) at Dáil Éireann, House of the Oireachtas, (Irish National Parliament) on issues of integration, social inclusion, diversity, racism and the development of an integration Strategy in Counties in Ireland. Yemi and her family 'THE ADENUGAS' feature on Ireland's Number 1 reality TV program "Gogglebox Irelnfd" aired on TV3. She is married to Deji Adenuga, Nollywood A-list actor, and they live in Navan, Ireland with their children.

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