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"Full of energy and brilliant ideas, this audacious woman brings such positive aura into a room when she walks in. Yemi  is known for her high energy as a trainer and motivator, delivering  strong messages in a conversational style. Her enthusiasm is contagious." ... Bridget Schmidt, Chairperson, Building Women Leaders, North Carolina, USA

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"A real woman of substance, Yemi Adenuga is a born leader, a builder of leaders, a Motivation powerhouse, a personal development expert and an empowerment guru. She is a woman to watch" ... Women in Leadership Business Journal (WIL), South Africa

"It is fascinating that a Nigerian can be honored far away FROM HOME as being highly influential contrary to the bad names some others give their country.  Yemi is Africa's most influencial woman in Ireland" ... How Africa - the rise of Africa

"Yemi is one of Ireland's powerful  Women of Influence" ... Irish Women of Influence Directory (Irish Tatler Magazine)

Character   |   Confidence   |   Courage   


" I am called to build confident people who value integrity, to succeed with good character, competence and courage."

"Her versatility is humbling. It is difficult to find many of her in many places. She’s a prodigiously gifted lady who has never allowed the challenges of family life to affect her tall dreams. She continues to oil her vision and walk the talk. I’m proud to know Yemi.  She has been my friend, sister, colleague and big supporter. My confidence in her abilities is solid." ... Bashorun Dele Momodu, Publisher, OVATION International Magazine, Nigeria

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...Yemi Adenuga

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The challenges of recent times have caused many to lose their self-esteem and confidence, and even doubt their own ability and competence.


Yemi is here to help you find yourself and build your self confidence to navigate life.


Join our growing list of people who seek personal development and groeht everyday.


Sign up for the MIB online courses and events designed to help you be Motivated, Inpired and Build yourself and more.  

Sharing with Yemi

The Talk Show

SHARING WITH YEMI: a primetime Multi-award winning Societal-Issues Talk show, with delectable, witty, audacious and multi-award winning host Yemi Adenuga.


Was Nigeria's NO. 1 Talk show from 1996 - 2002 & aired on African Independent Television (AIT). Now runs Live in FB weekdays 7pm-8pm GMT.


The family talk show examines and deals with societal issues that impact on viewers' everyday lives and featuring guests who do extraordinary things.

Episodes of Sharing with Yemi

People Development Training


For leaders, teams & staff

in wokplaces  & Businesses


Yemi delivers people development trainings for staff in workplaces to help  build core team competencies of staff and increase output.


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Confidence Building Coaching


For Individuals who seek to

find themselves and build  

self-esteem and confidence


Yemi will work with you to become a walking, talking confident individual in all areas.

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Relationship & Marriage



For singles in relationships and married couples who desire to make their relationship work.


Yemi and Deji (Her husband) are passionate about seeing relationships work.


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Mentorship and Leadership Program 


For women and youth seeking a mentor, and to be mentored.


The Yemi Adenuga Motivation and Leadership (YAMAL) program is Yemi's program through which she mentors and build leaders.


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